An adjunct music group of the Non-profit Organization The Dissonance, the Professor Gadget Sax Quartet is an adhoc collection of saxophone Players.


  • Tina Touburen (Alto, Tenor, & Bari)
  • Greg Cagle (Bari)
  • Suzy Glass (Soprillo, Soprano, Alto, Tenor)
  • Molly Pond (Alto, Soprano)
  • Aileen Wilson (Alto)
  • Aaron Roney (Alto)
  • Jim Glass (Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari & Bass)

Jun 30, 2012    2:00 PM   Concert in the Park    Ballard Locks
Jun 15, 2013    2:00 PM   Strawberry Festival    Burien
Jun 29, 2013    2:00 PM   Concert in the Park    Ballard Locks 
Jun 14 2014     TBD          Strawberry Festival   Burien
Jun 28, 2014    2:00 PM    Concert in the Park   Ballard Locks


Contact: Jim Glass: GandalfeAThotmailDOTcom

Music excerpted from the Nuclear Whales 'Funeral March of the Marionettes'.


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